WiFi - Device Not Ready

After system update, wifi stopped working. No WiFi networks are showing.


I had installed this driver earlier to make it work " 8188fu-kelebek333-dkms-git".
But after update it is not working. Please help.

Looks like this driver breaks every upgrades or so. I saw a similar post on the Arch wiki from January.


Maybe try lts kernel.

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Have you tried the other package?

yay -S 8188fu-dkms-git

Thanks for the reply… I am using Lts Kernel only. I tried the command to blacklist as mentioned in the post you shared… No luck… Still facing the same issue.

Thanks for the reply. Tried it… I got some error logs while installing.
Sharing the screenshot here.

But i think the package is installed. I can see it in the GUI. But still issue is there.

Do you have the lts kernel headers installed? It’s giving that error can’t find.

Shall I install this ?

Did you have the lts kernel headers installed previously? If not install them and or try reinstalling them?

sudo pacman -S linux-lts-headers
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Thanks Rick… It worked.
I ran “sudo pacman -S linux-lts-headers” and reinstalled " 8188fu-kelebek333-dkms-git".

Now available WiFi connections are showing. :smiley:

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