Wifi bridge

i have wifi connection from router wireless , i want share wifi from my laptop , like wifi bridge or something , how to do?

If you have a WiFi connection to your laptop, why not just connect your other device to the router as well? Regardless, what I think you’re looking for is called a hotspot and steps to set one up are described here.

i can’t connect, its my uncle’s router , he set-up mac address filter

You cant. You can only share this connection via ethernet (cable) because the wifi is already in use. (connect your notebook to wifi. share this connection over ethernet, connect a another AP to this and create new wlan)

Uff. Dont know if we should help you to workaround this :sweat_smile: speaking with uncle would help mmore, tho’


could always try https://wiki.archlinux.org/title/NetworkManager#Sharing_internet_connection_over_Wi-Fi

but the wifi is already in use, mayby add a second dongle?


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