Widget custom icons always blurry

Hey there!

I decided to give plasma another shot, but for the life of me…i can’t figure out why every icon i chose to change, becomes blurry/pixelated.
Doesn’t happen in any other DE.
Here’s the taskbar with icons from the current icon theme:

And here i changed konsole and brave’s icons:

Here are the icons used: https://imgur.com/a/kk8ldVN
Any idea why the icons used in the theme are OK, but not any of my own? i have a folder full of icons, tried dozens of them, they all get pixelated.
I also tried to resize one of my icons to different sizes, just to check if it makes any difference, but no joy!

Edit: Using Plasma 5.24.4 (just installed endeavourOS yesterday)

What format are the icons in? From my underetanding SVG files work best. The link you posted shows them as being PNG which you would need to edit yourself to make them appear as you need. Im only using one custom icon currently appears as it should, took a few goes though editing it with gimp (i think ita been a bit since ive changed themes/icons(
As you can see zoomed in it appears blurry but i rarely ntice

All my icons are PNG, i figured it should work on plasma too.
Guess i’l try to convert them to SVG and test

I use PNG also but i had to edit them a bit to make them appear right

Man, this is just weird. What exactly you edit? the size? what size would be a good fit for plasma icons?

Honestly its been months, i think i played around with the sharpness from memoery

Well, i downloaded SVG icons and solved my “issue”.
It still puzzles me, considering it’s the only DE that pixelates these PNG, but anyway, it’s easy to workaround, and i’m having a blast with plasma in general.

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You’re welcome mate

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