Wi-fi connectivity issue - sometimes i need to restart router

Thank you for reading this - i hope this question fits in this forum category.

I have an issue where sometimes (maybe 10-20% of the time) when i boot up my system i can’t seem to get an internet connection.

My router is visible and the computer is trying to connect to my router, but it can’t seem to get a proper connection.

I can only resolve this by restarting the router (computer does not have to be rebooted), so i believe it might be an issue that i need to sort on the router?

I have had this happen on two different laptops (MSI and Lenovo) where i am running EndeavourOS.
I have also experienced this on a windows laptop, and if i remember correctly i think it said it was connected but without internet access, maybe it was something relating to IP address(?).

Are you sure its not problems with your provider?

However check / replace ethernet wire going to the router from the wall. Check / replace modem.

You may also want to see if your getting interference from something local. Since the problem is not Endeavour specific I believe its something to do with your provider or physical equipment provided by the provider.

You don’t mention the brand/model of router you’re dealing with, but I had a similar issue with an Asus router. The odd thing is that it only affected one wireless device that is only about 10 feet from the router in line-of-sight with no intervening walls. The router could “see” the affected device, and showed it repeatedly trying to connect and disconnecting.

Asus had a notice on their support site at the time saying that there were issues with WiFi disconnects with some of their routers, including mine, and gave me a phone number to call if a firmware update/factory reset didn’t fix it. (It didn’t.) The tech support guy I got gave me some very specific changes to make in the settings, and it fixed the issue.

I mention this only to suggest that you look closely at the router. Since rebooting it fixes the issue, that’s where I’d start.

It is actually an Asus router. Do you remember the changes you made?

Thanks for the reply!

Not sure of anything really, but other devices connected to the router seems to hold their connections ok. But as Linux4me mentioned below, it might be an Asus router specific issue.

Thanks for the reply!

I didn’t expect you had the same brand router, so I didn’t include the settings. Here are the changes they had me make:

In Wireless > 2.4 GHz:

  • Channel bandwidth to 40 MHz
  • Control channel to 11

In Wireless > 5 GHz:

  • Channel bandwidth to 160 MHz
  • Control change to 128

In Wireless > Professional for both bands:

  • Roaming Assistant to Disable

In Adaptive QoS > QoS:

  • Enable QoS to off (it already was)

Then they told me to power cycle the router and disconnect the ethernet cable from the modem, then reconnect.

That solved the problem with my device repeatedly disconnecting, but it has been a while (~five months), since I went through it.

Since then, there may have been a firmware update, which the support tech told me was coming, and was supposed to address the issue. The notice I saw on Asus’ site has been removed, which may be connected to the firmware update being available. If you haven’t already, I would make sure you’re using the latest router firmware. There’s also a WiFi Disconnect Troubleshooting page at Asus, if you haven’t seen it. Most of it is basic, but there are a few settings they recommend changing that I would not have connected to WiFi issues.

Thank you very much for the through reply :+1:

I will try these settings, hopefully that solves it.

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