Why program does not start on assigned workspace

Hey, I searched on the forum, but didn,'t find, sorry if that’s a dumb question but it seems weird to me.

Explain : I go in the i3 config file (~/.config/i3/config) and add
assign [class=“program(name with xprop)”] $bindtospecificWS

exec --no-startup-id sleep “number” && program

from there, everything works, programs are starting at startup and goes to the chosen WS. Except for program “vscodium” which launch but on the wrong WS ?!

here is my config :

# bind program to workspace and focus to them on startup:
assign [class="vscodium"]$ws2
assign [class="Xfce4-terminal"] $ws4
assign [class="(?i)firefox"] $ws1
assign [class="Evince"] $ws3
#assign [class="VirtualBox Manager"] $ws6

# automatic set focus new window if it opens on another workspace than the current:
#for_window [class=Xfce4-terminal] focus
#for_window [class=(?i)firefox] focus
#for_window [class=evince] focus
#for_window [class=vscodium] focus
#for_window [class=] focus
# Autostart apps as you like
exec --no-startup-id sleep 3 && vscodium
exec --no-startup-id sleep 1 && xfce4-terminal
exec --no-startup-id sleep 5 && firefox
exec --no-startup-id sleep 2 && evince

Once again, everything goes well except “vscodium” which launchs on $ws1 with firefox instead on $ws2, why ?

Another less important question, I did this bind for screen light power :

# Backlight control
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessUp exec --no-startup-id light -A 3
bindsym XF86MonBrightnessDown exec --no-startup-id light -U 3 && notify-send "Brightness -"

The && notify-send “Brightness -” does not print

I don’t see a space after ]

Do you have a notification daemon running?

Run this command and then try the brightness key again:

$ dbus-launch dunst

Add this to your i3 config so that it will launch on next boot.

exec --no-startup-id dbus-launch dunst

This is caused by a syntax error in your config file, like another user mentioned above. You need to separate the workspace name with a whitespace.

assign [class="VSCodium"] $ws2
should do the trick …

Hi everybody,

Thank you @eso and dr, it worked… I am on the moon sometimes…

To @anthony93, I have a daemon notifier as I use EOS update notifer.It is dunst

EDIT : I have “–no-startup-id dunst” in config file, not the dbus one. I’ll check that, thx


In fact, it works in the good way when I put capitals letters in assign section (example : “VSCodium”) and no capitals letters in the exec autostart section (example : “vscodium”)

In that way, programs launch on the assigned WS.

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