Why no /boot?

I just installed the offline installer, selecting full disk XFS with swap file. EFI system. systemd-boot. Standard kernel.

There is no /boot.

Kernel appears to be in /efi/<guid>/<version>/linux.

There is no vmlinuz-linux like on my arch installs.

I’ve not seen this type of setup. Where can I learn how this configuration was done and why?

See 4.1 “typical mount points”


Even that references vmlinuz-linux, but I have no such file. I just did the calamares installer.

Also, I installed intel-ucode and rebooted. It seems to not work.

[josh@endos ~]$ journalctl -k --grep=microcode
-- No entries --

There is no ucode files in /efi anywhere.

Just wondering how this boot system is setup by default.

Two things:

Using kernel-install has a few advantages:

  • It is a modern standards-based approach based on the BLS
  • It automatically puts the kernels into a subdirectory which uses the machine-id by default(although you can change it using an entry-token). Among other things, this ensures that if you install multiple arch-based distros, the kernels won’t overlap with each other
  • It handles creating of new entries whenever kernels are installed and removal when they are removed

We use dracut so they are embedded in the initrd. One of the advantages of dracut is that you don’t need to separately load the ucode image.


Awesome, thanks for the info.

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I am not sure why this is. Are you running in a VM?

What CPU do you have?