Why isn’t lye listed as an ingredient in any soap


It’s all Lyes from the Father of Lyes. So now you have the Lye of the land; you’ve made your bed, now you have to Lye in it.

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Great mysteries of the universe unraveled right before your eyes.

Now if we only understood why it’s called soap instead of sapo….


it still is sapo-* in romance languages.


Yes - the English language isn’t that clear :grin:

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Because chemistry is full of silly names.
My favourite in English language is periodic acid. What can a layman imagine under that name. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Also would a common person buy something that have a table of content that says:

  • lye
  • fatty acid

And that’s all - what would (s)he expect inside?
Or a bag of coal:

  • contains highly pressurized dinosaurs :sauropod:
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Coal is highly pressurized trees. Oil is animal based remains under pressure mostly I think

Do you make soap? You’re a lyer!


i’m considering becoming a lyer … although, my neighbour tried it and the results were … not good. i think she had the lye to fat ratio wrong as only part of the concoction has reacted. the unreacted part was disgusting.

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i bet that could be very grossening…

no lie, lye is what you should be using

My wife and her best pal tried soap making. It made our kitchen look like a messy chemistry lab. I’m surprised we didn’t get raided by the DEA. Their first batch of soap was a gooey mess. With many days of practice they eventually learned how to produce small batches of quality soap. Soap making turned out to be an expensive, labor & time-intensive process. They gave the soap away to friends and relatives and put away all the apparatus. On the plus side I now have a lifetime supply of drain opener.


i may need some of that

I never lie when i did i had soap put in my mouth! :sweat_smile: This is why i have always liked the Thrills gum. Tastes like soap!

Edit: Maybe it’s got lye in it?


My wife makes lye soap with pine tar mixed into it. It’s the only soap I use. Two batches last me all year. I suppose that makes me a piney lyer.

Either that or layered with tar! :sweat_smile:

or a lying piner?

Is thrills gum only a Canadian thing? It is so strange and kind of addictive kind of self inflicted torture of eating soap and chewing it for hours.

as long as you are not feathered afterward I suppose it is fine.