Why is there no more options other than manual partition during installation?

So today I tried installing endeavouros and almost finished installing until I reached the partition part of the installation. Shouldn’t there be other options like erase disk, install alongside current os and those things. But here I can only see one option that is “manual partition”. I tried to do the online installation. I am currently on solus kde (if this information helps).

Also I would love to be a part of this community and start my endeavour so I would like this problem to get solved. :slight_smile:

What problem? Partition the disk to suit your requirements, pick your mountpoints, install, done.


Can you provide a little more information on what you’re trying to do? If you’re having issues with partitioning using the Calamares installer, and you want to install EOS alongside Solus, I would recommend you resize your partitions within Solus using gparted, and then try again.

There are other options. Erase disc hibernate, hibernate no swap, swap to file etc & manual partitioning. You can also use gparted first and set up partitioning schemes too. Not sure why you wouldn’t see those? :thinking:


Ok so this is embarrassing, but after having no options on the partition part of the installation I boot into my solus desktop and reinstalled endeavouros and then again flashed it into my usb. And now it works and there are now options to you know erase disc etc. etc. Dont know what caused the problem, but the problem is fixed now. And sorry for wasting all of your time.

Hope you all have a great day.

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Good to hear! You’ll find more support and solutions here.

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It is a little misleading to leave this as the solution since it really is not a solution to reinstall usually. This most likely occurred due to a corrupt download and you did not verify the shasum after downloading it.


@Elloquin, I think that is as wild a guess as anything at this point. Let’s just say the installer glitched for some unknown external or internal reason :slight_smile:

Also, I think it’s worth trying to run the installer again when there is a glitch. so this might actually be the right solution.

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Yeah I was really dumb and did not verify the shasum (didnt even noticed there was one, my brain was sleeping maybe), but the next time I downloaded it I checked everything (including the shasum) and now I am in this awesome distro. Loving it so far.

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Yup :wink:

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