Why is Online Accounts so sparse?

I thought that Online Accounts had more to choose from. There’s not even a KDE account to connect or “add your own” account option.

Is that without you adding any accounts? I’m seeing even less: :astonished:

I’m on:

Operating System: EndeavourOS 
KDE Plasma Version: 6.0.2
KDE Frameworks Version: 6.0.0
Qt Version: 6.6.2
Kernel Version: 6.6.22-1-lts (64-bit)

Do you have kaccounts-providers installed?

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What is a KDE account? I have never heard of this.

When I was on KDE Neon one of the accounts was KDE. I used my KDE Discussion Forum credentials to log in.

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I’ll need to double check once I get home from work tonight.

Huh… Interesting. What benefits did you have after you logged in?

Yes, kaccounts-providerswas installed. As for any benefits for logging into KDE, not sure to be honest. Probably just KDE tracking how many users and how many use the Online Accounts section in settings? I have noticed that signing into Google isn’t possible. Error message.

I have OpenDesktop option only too. And kaccounts-providers is not installed on my system. On the source code repository for this extension are a few more services that are disabled: https://invent.kde.org/network/kaccounts-providers/-/tree/master/services/disabled including Facebook. I assume they are not compatible anymore and not maintained.

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I’ll have a look later tonight. Not near my laptop at the moment.

Weird. On my second laptop, with a fresh EOS, I see more accounts:


kaccounts-provider is installed on that laptop.

Will shortly take a look on my first laptop if kaccounts-provider is installed there.

Whatever the result: I have not knowingly installed or removed kaccounts-provider on either laptop.


On my first laptop (with only one online account) kaccounts-provider is not installed.

So 2 laptops. On both EOS installed with a live-USB, and me not knowingly installing or removing kaccounts-provider - seems surprising, surely? Does kaccounts-provider get pulled in by something I have installed on laptop 2? :thinking:

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I have kio-gdrive installed which pulls it in, but I’m not sure about your system. As far as I know kio-gdrive is the only thing that depends on it.

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