Why is it always effing raining

Tasmania has the greatest climate known. I’m currently in Northern Thailand which, unfortunately, does not share the same fortune as the southern most state of Australia

Yep, raining here in the North East of Scotland too. And I’m another former Archer :slight_smile:

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Hello :wave:
Also raining in my city for the past few days. 23C in mid May… Said to be lowest average temperature in May since 1951.

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I used to live there when I was a kid and I agree the weather was nice but I remember little rain (I like rain)? Has my memory failed me?

I hate rain, especially when I have my feathers wet


Yeah , I think your memory could be failing you.

To quote the venerable wikipedia

“January and February typically averages only one-third the rainfall of July and August, though even in the driest months rain usually falls on every second day and the number of rainy days per year is much greater than on any part of the Australian mainland.”

Huh. Thanks

If it’s raining, shut the Windows. Also when it’s not.

E.g.: I only drink on two occasions:

  1. When I’m thirsty
  2. When I’m not.

I’m tempted to mark this as the solution :stuck_out_tongue:



Almost 35*C here today near Los Angeles, let me know when you want to visit the desert. I could really go for some rain right about now, and it’s not even June yet.

Welcome to the community! Do want some rain here, always pleasant here and I’m bored of it :wink:

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Aye will do. Have an Uncle in Arizona as well so will be a good desert tour :slight_smile:

Man I love Arizona. Especially northern Arizona. It’s truly a stunning state.

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