Why having both mousepad and leafpad on live ISO?


I noticed during some tests on the live ISO, there is both mousepad (xfce notepad) and leafpad (from lxde project if I’m right).

Why both? I know they are both lightweight, but this is a duplicate. Any explanation?


Mousepad is provided by Xfce and leafpad by us. There was a problem with mousepad not working in the earlier releases, but it might be fixed with Xfce 4.14, so maybe it is worth to re-examen.

Indeed. Some tests will be needed :slight_smile:

problem was if you do sudo mousepad xxx.txt in root, it couldn’t do. some issue with xfconf.
thats why leafpad in for that.

Edit: the bug is, Mousepad is not fixed on current dbus. when you install dbus-x11 the root wil run with mousepad. but that path is no good :slight_smile:

only way to use root with mousepad, if you create an allias in .bashrc

alias rootpad=‘sudo dbus-launch mousepad’

this way you can run root :stuck_out_tongue:

edit : and running with thunar & pkexec should be around :https://gist.github.com/cvetan/91dd566b45a816ee91501856e6644df0) some pieces and chunks : bad idea btw

The problem still persists.
Mousepad needs a workaround like @ringo mentioned.

Leafpad is not so heavy if stil persist on mousepad, can also make a script call mpad, with dbus-launch mousepad. , You can do sudo mpad , thats also a simple workaround you can leafpad out if needed, buts to confused in mather of things i think

also had to to do on dbus , manjaro stil using dbus-x11 in arch thats decapriated :slight_smile:

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