Why EOS uses yay instead of pacman to update?

I wonder why eos uses jay to update the system while jay is a aur helper?

I would have thought that pacman is used?

Yay is a pacman wrapper with AUR support.
Issuing a simple yay you could update both packages from the official repos (plus additional repos in pacman.conf if one has some) and packages from AUR.

:eye: man yay


Yay is my go to because I’m lazy, no need to type sudo before yay or -Syu after yay. This saves me a few key stokes. :joy:


Ah that makes perfectly sense, i didn’t know that thanks

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You can use pacman -Syu no problem. Unless you have any AUR packages installed.

Running yay is the same as running:

pacman -Syu


yay -Sua

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Just to be totally clear, yay does use pacman to update repo packages. However, it also updates AUR packages. If you only use pacman, your would need to separately update repo packages and AUR packages separately.


Thanks for your explanation!


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