Why don't we have a place for tutorials

I might be overthinking (again). I see there are good posts that have been marked as tutorials scattered all over the forum.

Is it possible for this forum software to make a category just to put threads labeled using [Tutorial]. I know we have a wiki but most people who come here try to find answers here so would be great if we could get these tutorial-type threads under one category which would make it easier to find.

We could make forum mods read the thread first which is created using [Tutoria] in the title and let them label or move the post to that category if it fit the set guide lines if not remove the [Tutoria] part and leave it as it is.

Or just have a category for tutorials.


Perhaps it is an overthought, perhaps not. I might point out that using tutorial in the search will turn things up pretty quickly! Also it occurs to me that many of the best tutorials end up being “absorbed” into the wiki as well, from where they can easily be linked into any discussion where they fit…

Just helping to set the parameters!

Yeah, I know but wouldn’t it be good to have them all in one place because not everyone goes to the WiKi or search the entire forum (most of the time). I was just suggesting any way :stuck_out_tongue:

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What about “tips&tricks”?

Edit: I just click the bookmark in the lower right when they appear so I keep the useful info at hand.

Yeah, Tip & Trick would be nice. Also, think if people could put these things in one place it would be easier for our WiKi Contributors too so they can go through and absorb it into the WiKi if the tutorial or tip or trick is good.

I need to get into that habit.

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Basically I search all the major distro forums for technical issues to maximise on results.

Arco, Manjaro, Garuda. Even though I don’t use them, all put together makes incredible knowledgebase. Just all about finding the right keywords.

For official Arch forum too, hence the only reason I install vanilla Arch to get response otherwise they turn you away.

More generic quick way is put into google search in this format and hit every distro forum.

keyword(s) site:endeavouros.com OR site:bbs.archlinux.org OR site:forum.garudalinux.org OR site:https:forum.manjaro.org OR site:arcolinuxforum.com OR ETC

I may be wrong, but think you should use plural, because “a tip” is when you leave some $ for a waiter when you go out for dinner or similar. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

You’re correct it should be Tips & Tricks I just typed it as it is :smiley: .

Akhshcuallly, it should be “Tips & Tricks”, with an ampersand instead of a dollar sign.



How did you get that giant emogie (emogy?)

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You have to be friends with amphibians to get access to secret frog emojis.



It’s just an image.


Your idea isn’t entirely wrong but with that category, there is still one downside. All the tutorials end up in one category without subcategories, making the category list long and messy in time.
The wiki, however, does have categories, so if you are looking for an Nvidia tutorial, it’s easier to find.
The wiki does have a central purpose since we do have several support channels. The wiki does attract a high amount of visitors every day and it is easier to link to a wiki article on Telegram or Reddit, then search for the right article in the forum.


With community contribution you can always add stuf

Could also be a Q-tip. :wink:

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