Why does xfce change to Xubuntu's logo?


This is strange.how does my system end up using Xubuntu’s logo and start menu?

Do you use a common home for Xubuntu and EOS?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but it is the default icon for Xfce in whisker menu.

I install EndevourOS and so before it was all normal but then for some reason it switchd to Xubuntu’s logo when I installed KDE (keep in mind I haven’t switched to KDE yet). This has happened before when I installed Endevour (without installing KDE)

I didn’t change any setting though how come it changed to this?

Well… Just installed Xfce in a pure archlinux virtual machine. Added whisker-menu.

And what’s the icon name?

It is the default icon for whisker using Adwaita icon theme :smiley:

Why did it just randomly switch to this other theme though, that is weird?

Indeed. I have no idea why it happens.

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That “mouse” is the standard Xfce logo. It is used on EVERY GNU/Linux distribution running the Xfce desktop. At least that has been my experience. I have tried quite a few distros and, on them, I have always used, when possible, the Xfce Desktop Environment. Without exception, all of these had that “mouse” logo.

It is very easy to change. As a matter of fact, on my EndeavourOS computers, I have changed it to the EndeavourOS logo:

EndeavourOS-logo without name



you may have removed whysker menu from panel and readding it? i see also favourites are setting to its xfce4 defaults