Why does closing one firefox window closes all instances of firefox?

New to bspwm since yesterday and a question for the bspwm-masters:
It’s not technically two different firefox instances, it happens when something pops up in a different window in bspwm. Closing the popup will close both the popup and parent window.

the exact lines to close a window in my .sxhkdrc are:
super + shift + q
bspc node -{c,k}
so i think maybe that is the problem as it says c for close an k for kill?

Doesn’t look like the default entry :thinking:
Also it’s technically wrong syntax. There are no options in keybinding, but there is an option in command (c and k). Since there isn’t an option on keybinding, the k flag is executed everytime.

Here’s the relevant line from bspwm edition - which is also a part of the default config.

Here, super+w will close window (the behaviour you need). Super+shift+w will kill all instances (the behaviour you’re experiencing)


my mistake, as said i am a novice with bspwm.
super+q does indeed close the selected window, while super+shift+q closes all instances.

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