Why do you (or why should I) use EndeavorOS?

Why do you use EndeavourOS?

What makes it special or different to other distros?

Why would you recommend it to others?

Let’s ask discobot on this:
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Hopeully my Antergos installation will continue to work as Arch and I won’t have to install Endeavour, but the community and ease of installation is why I use it. Installed the beta2 just fine on a VM, no issues at all.


I will use EndeavourOS because I respect the committed developers, who believed in something enough to take a dying ember (the announcement of Antergos discontinuing) and creating a flame, which is the distro we have before us.

I think what makes any distro special is the heart of the community. I’m not kidding myself. EndeavourOS will need our help and support if it is to become a viable distro and provide the long-term stability for which we all hope.

The jury is still out on this one. I wrote in a blog post that, while I loved Antergos, I wouldn’t recommend it to a new Linux user. Cinchi was too unreliable and it bit me in the butt enough times where I didn’t have the confidence to recommend it. I am hoping this will change with EndeavourOS.


I use it because I wanted to go back closer to Arch without too much mucking about with the installation (especially since I know for a fact that my Wifi card is not supported out of the box).

It is different because although it is “yet another Arch with installer” it is deliberately kept closer to arch than most while also having a good helpful community you can rely on. Other distros of a similar ilk tend to have very dead forums, for example.

I won’t. Or rather I would recommend it to the very target group in the initial announcement: People who either A) Know Arch, but don’t want to bother with the vanilla installation and B) people coming from other more hands-on distros. If you have only used Mint or Ubuntu and want to try your hands on a rolling distro first time I would say Manjaro, Tumbleweed or Solus, not this. Not as a first step.


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yep he is, but he had a manjaro vacation :slight_smile:

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@discobot what other Arch based distros is similar to Endeavour?

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Sorry I’m not discobot but I would say https://archman.org/ and https://www.namiblinux.org/
But Archman’s forum is mostlyTurkish and Namib - I guess - is good as dead by now.

@Orca I would have to say that there’s no other distro i’ve come across so far that is as aesthetically appealing out of the box as is Endeavour…

“Why do you use EndeavourOS?” - I loved Antergos very much, but unfortunately it’s gone. Endeavor is easy to install compared to Arch Linux. The good thing is that you already have i3 wm in the installer, no just complete desktops. I was recently introduced to tiling wm - s. It’s not packed with unnecessary apps for me, and requires less memory compared to Manjaro and Arcolinux. The community is also a very good.

  • I would have the same answer to the other two questions.
  • Would I recommend it to others? Naturally. Anyone who already has an idea about Arch linux and at least knows Manjaro or Arcolinux, etc.