Why below WM/DE are not showing in online setup

Under this forum, there are few subforums for three wm/de’s which I didn’t see when I was playing around with EnOS online.

  1. Herbstluftwm
  2. DWM
  3. OpenBox

Are these not maintained anymore or planing to make them available?

The only WM’s for EndeavourOS are:

  1. i3wm as an official edition.
  2. Sway as a community edition.
  3. BSPWM as a community edition.

As for when anything else will be offered it is up to community members if they want to start another one.


Just because they aren’t in the installer doesn’t mean you can’t use them. Feel free to install them yourself from the repos.

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Yeah, I was just curious because there are forums but they were not in the installer. Thought they were available with earlier edition and was deprecated. I’m not interested in all 3 of them, I tinkering with Awesome WM.

Any way thank you friend.


Not sure that lua is close enough to a luau to lead to much fun - but those who like it tend to love it… Have fun!

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