Who tinks 100$ a year is worth the risk?

The relative merits of taxation and our opinions of people who take advantage of the services that tax revenue provides trends too deep into politics and controversy to be appropriate for this forum.

Please try to avoid this topic falling into that territory again.


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Back to the original topic, $100 would not even vaguely be enough for me but as others have pointed out, $100/yr is more valuable to some people than others.

That being said, if you don’t have the networking experience/equipment to properly isolate it from the rest of your network, it definitely represents a risk.

As a side note, I suspect this would violate the T&Cs of many residential ISP agreements. You are essentially subleasing your connection.


Now theres a good valid point

this concept is not new:

That seems pretty different than what is in the OP. In one case you are selling your data, in the other you selling your bandwidth.

they are similar in that by letting some foreign device have access to your network, you are putting your privacy at risk. this risk is compensated in cash. the thing linked above also allows selling your privacy for cash.

I would be more than happy to see this kind of services replace the mass stealing of data perpetrated by google, amazon, apple and all other players.


In function they are similar but their form is fairly varied