Who tinks 100$ a year is worth the risk?


What…they pay you to spy on you? :laughing:

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I think that’s an honest approach. At least you are not taken for a fool and told “we would like to have access to all your private data to improve your experience, not because we sell it and make a ton-load of cash out of it”. At least these guys give you some cash for the data they then sell for a higher price. And you opt-in for it.


I would need to do more research, but if you stuck it on its own subnet, it would be reasonably isolated, from the rest of your network.

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See and that’s the thing. How to keep people from hacking your home network.

Wonders if Bitcoin miners will be passing info on my network

What if one of those people that or iot things does something illegal? Am I liable?

Saw their advertising on Craigslist. Seems like a botnet.

Useful for IP stresser/booter, crypto mining, etc.

I wouldn’t worry about privacy issues. Your individual data is not really that valuable.

They will make a ton more than the 100/year you get.


$100/yr? No thanks!


why? it says clearly “don’t worry! it’s totally secure”. so there’s nothing to lose. they say so.

“Freedom, we’ve got it under control.”


I’ll take the $100, my freedom is already nil at this point. The idea I can escape their spying is met with great nihlism. $100 will help for a day, which is better than I currently have going for me.

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Sure, sounds like a good idea! :wink:

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I don’t think it’s worth it, but it depends how much money you are making. For example, in America the minimum national wage (many states up this bar) for employers subject to the Fair Labor Act (pretty much everyone) is $7.25/hr.

Takeaway is, 100/7.25 = ~13.8 hours will get you $100 if you are legally employed in America. That’s like, two days of work’s salary at best, in a whole year.

Where I live in California (Fremont) minimum wage is between $13.50 and $15 depending how many employees. Taking 13.50, we’re down to 7.4 hours of work; so one work day.

I have no idea how this company’s business model works, but I think that if there is any privacy risk involved, it is flat out not worth it, no buts. Unless you really need money. Of course if you are living in a poor country like Congo and making minimum wage it would be a lottery. But if you are you probably don’t have an internet connection…

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i guess a junkie will grab those $100 without even blinking. not saying you need to be a junkie to do it, just saying everyone looks in their own way at some $100.

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Well I have no drug addictions. I am on a limited income. And while 100$ a year may not be a lot, when compared to my monthly income 100$ is more significant. In Washington DC Comcast offers low cost internet of 50 gbytes for 10$ a month. That 100$ almost pays for the internet for the year.

Hey man, I can stop whatever I want.

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oh, in that case you may have a valid case… but the minimum wage in DC looks like $13.25, so it should be under 2 workdays of money.

I might invest in such a thing had I a use for the extra money, probably I would isolate it from my network at the very least though.

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Holy hell, I wouldn’t even set my alarm for $13.25 an hour. I think I pay that much in taxes.

1 bed apt in my area are 1650 a month. Mine is jenky as all get out and it’s 1250. I pay based on income, a flat 30%, and the city taxes pay the rest.

I can’t find much under my $2000/mo here in LA. I have a friend that rents a room in an apartment for $1000/mo not too far away. $1250/mo and you live under a bridge here.

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