Who gets to say the BTW line?

i use void btw

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


The graphics in ponysay remind me of one of my little projects:


You fell into the Minecraft Void… enjoy your time! You won’t leave.

Pepe hates people who abuse him by making memes out of him. Poor pepe, all he wanted was a happy life, now he’s memed to death.

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So is Arch, btw.

Arch is actually used in serious contexts, like this one

You must have done point 1 at least 1 time to a working install. That simple.

and thats what I did. BTW we drifted kinda off topic lol

i use arch btw People: NO U DON’T

I sue arch btw People: WTH?

Of course 1. with video proof and moms signature.

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I have installed and used Arch btw, but I didn’t stay with it. Why mess with base Arch when you can have basic Arch plus a configured system (Enos)?
It’s faster to get to Xeyes that way (said just for our Froggy), even though I haven’t ran Xeyes in 10 or 15 years :slight_smile:


my toaster btw



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“I run Arch.”

Real Life Scenario: I’m standing in line at an event that requires membership. The registrar is having computer problems. In order to shorten the wait, I tell her I’m pretty familiar with computer POS (point of sale) systems and offer to help if needed.

The guy behind me says, “Hey, cool, I run Linux.” I say me, too. He says he runs Ubuntu and asks about me…

I have never witnessed an actual “crestfallen” face falling before. I almost wish I had not uttered those fateful words that you all know that I did. It didn’t even help, afterwards, when I said, hey, it’s all Linux it’s all good.


we definitely need a btw arch linux emoji


Who uses Windows BTW ??


Bruh, pure archers are over 18+

Nah, I’ve seen plenty of 10-year olds in the Arch Forums. They’re smart 10-year olds, it’s true.

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Nah i use arch linux :sweat_smile:


arch linux is my daily os
i only testing void linux


You don’t use arch, you use straight.