White outline above taskbar (KDE Plasma)

I just noticed a white outline appeared above my taskbar:


I’ve tried looking for a related setting but can’t seem to find it. I found an older picture of the desktop and it doesn’t appear there:


I’m running KDE Plasma version 5.21.5 now with Framework 5.82.0 and QT 5.15.2 if that helps.

I don’t seem to have it on mine. It may have something to do with your settings, what icons and or theme you are using? :thinking:

I’m using Breeze Dark for basically everything except for the login screen. For that, I’m using this

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Are you able to just right click on the task bar, edit panel and change the size to cover the white outline?

I thought I’d be able to do the same but I ended up just making it worse haha. I just re-installed an all is well, thanks for the responses!

That’s strange. :thinking: