Whiskers menu uses firefox as default browser

Whiskers Menu has preconfigured search actions. By typing “forum” into the whiskers search bar, Firefox opens the eos forum. However the command used to preform the action is hard coded to open Firefox. It does not take into consideration if you change your browser.

I recommend using “exo-open --launch WebBrowser https://forum.endeavouros.com” as all the other search actions use exo-open --launch


Where exactly do I report such a bug? Is this even a bug considering eos advertises Firefox as its primary browser.

This is my first post. Please tell me if I did something unfitting or inappropriate.

I moved this to the bug category of the forum. This is one place to report it.

You could also open a PR or an issue on github against the appropriate package, but there is no need to do both. This should be sufficient.

Thanks for pointing it out!

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yes Thank’s @Elysium the issue is here:

If you have an account on GitHub you could indeed create a PR there so it would be recognized that you find the issue there too…

This is not hardcoded, but it should not use firefox if a generic entry is also working.
You can edit the file ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-1.rc as normal user.
I was not aware that this is not possible to change over the settings from XFCE4 itself.

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just done the change and mention this Thread there in the commit message.

Thanks for the commit / fork (I don’t know git). But as it seams you just changed Firefox to WebBrowser. That wouldn’t work. Firefox would have to be replaced with “exo-open --launch WebBrowser". The other actions also use exo-open instead of just WebBrowser.

command=exo-open --launch WebBrowser https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/%u
name=Open In Terminal
command=exo-open --launch TerminalEmulator %s
name=Open URL
command=exo-open \\0

fixed that already.

should be fine now:

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