Whisker menu reload

I have a special question regarding menu… I am using Endeavour Xfce for education purposes in school. I was able to set specific applications as reachable for the children and hiding many by adding the line “Hiden=true” (or false) to every .desktop file in ~/.local/share/applications/ . Now I want to add remotely applications to the favourites menu, which is located in ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-8.rc. Now I am stuck at this point… Changing Hidden=… has immediately effect in menu, but changing entries in whiskermenu-8.rc does not. Everything stays as before until I log out and in again. I am nearly sure there is a trigger for reloading these settings, because of adding something in graphical tool in xfce itself immediately is shown. I tried xfdesktop --reload and killall -HUP xfdesktop without success. Any idea what must be done to apply changes in whiskermenu-8.rc immediately to menu?

also did you created a new custom menu ?


? i gues whiskermenu can work also ??

Not the way I want it… If I create a new menu it appears in the menu list at the right hand and I must open it. I want to add the applications to the standard-favorites-menu of whiskermenu which is opened even if I open the main menu. But I think the way you want to solve it is leading to a solution. Every change in the folder ~/.local/share/applications/ has immediately effect. Maybe there is a predefined menu group for “favorites” which I only must add to the *.desktop files I want to add to the favorites. But I have not found the name of that group - it’s not “favorites” :wink:

have here no xfce installed, but xfdesktop , reload is only the desktop not the panel. is like xfce4-panel -r

for WM is xfwm4 --replace …
you dont need to login and out but alt-f2 , xfce4-panel -r

For a school enviroment you need something that you have control… as quickstarter if choice you can setup icons in a panel.

but i thought if you have menu changed and declutter what not needed you can in the end add to favorite… thats i was thinking off…

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Thanks for your ideas - I got it.

Settings are done via ssh/scp actions from a server so I do not have access to the running x screen. But

killall -HUP xfce4-panel

does the job perfectly.
Modify ~/.config/xfce4/panel/whiskermenu-8.rc (line which starts with favorites=…) followed by killall -HUP xfce4-panel applies all changes.

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