Which WM works best with KDE?

I like i3 and I like KDE, I tried installing both from Calamares and it went ok with a few quirks I guess I’d need to iron out. Are there any better WMs that go best with KDE in your opinion? Can I install tumpwm from pacman, for instance? Cheers.

If your question is what works best, the answer is clearly kwin or a drop replacement for kwin like kwinft.

If you are asking which tiling window manager works best a lot of people use an i3/KDE hybrid approach and there is lots of documentation out there on how to do that.

Alternatively, you could use tiling scripts that work with kwin like krohnkite.


I second this. This is what I use almost all day/everday now. I used to use xfce+i3. I’ve tried other things within plasma - i3/sway. And nothing is really any good honestly. If you want to mix i3 and a DE, you should check out my write up on i3 within xfce.


Thanks for the input. I have only tried Openbox, i3 and bspwm before and liked i3 the most but I could be partial to another tiling manager.

Kwin, you already have it installed, as it is the part of the KDE Plasma DE that manages windows.

If you want a different WM to be used without the rest of Plasma,but still keep Plasma installed so you can use it if you want, I wholeheartedly recommend dwm. It works great alongside Plasma, does not interfere with it in any way.

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@PliSsK heres a great video, hope this helps.