Which tiling window manager would be the best and easiest to configure?

I am curious to know which tiling window manager would be the most customisable and easiest to configure? I know that AwesomeWM is very customisable but it is definitely not as easy to configure compared to other WMs (window managers) out there that might be a little less customisable than awesomeWM but is much easier to configure?

I think i3wm, but … :wink:

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at the end WM’s are dificult, some people are like a fish but im sure there are also people that can hack some stuf with there ability’s modify a config.

hacking as hobby they copy a config and make a bit changes until it evolves… at the end is always a learning curve…
i3wm is less dificult but you have to find sources and backups :slight_smile:


i3wm was my first WM and I stuck with it. The config is good to read and well documented. Plus there are many dotfiles (config-files) out there to get some inspiration.

@joekamprad has some dotfiles too.

You can leave the fingerprint-part if you didn’t have a Thinkpad.

BSPWM is maybe another option. There is a tutorial for beginners in our Discovery magazine:


I have tried a few tiling WMs and always come back to i3 because it is functional from first login but isn’t difficult to make it better through customizing. The i3 website has a lot of great information and there are many other resources available with a bit of searching.


You can also use some tiling scripts on KDE like

to very easy start with tiling window.

Just search the web :slight_smile:


for me most convinient way to use tiling is i3-wm on top of xfce4.
So you will have the tools from xfce to configure theming for apps and to use its tool for stuff like Bluetooth, you can also use xfce panel(bar) if you like…


WIth i3WM, am I able to customise my rice like this?

Is it just as customisable as awesome?

Do I need a desktop environment to run i3WM or can I just simply run i3WM?