Which sleep states are supported?

Hi! Lenovopad 5 Pro Ryzen 5900HX is running under EOS/KDE. Is it possible to determine which Sleep Modes are supported and which one is used on Sleep (as I have configured via KDE Power Management)?

Technically both suspend and hibernate “should” be supported. The question isnt so much if its supported but if it works as expected in Linux.

Windows allows for manufacturers to do some weird things with suspend/hibernate and it will still mostly work. The only real way to know if they will work on your system is to test if the system survives a suspend and then test if it survives a hibernation

it should be using regular suspend to ram and not hibernation (suspend to disk) on default unless you setup the system to hibernate which requires setting up a swap for doing so.

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Some Lenovo notebooks doesn’t support real S3 (to RAM) but instead some less power-saving mode modification (with hidden S3 enabling BIOS switch). Is it possible to determine from some logs on waking up that real S3 was just used?

you should be able to run

cat /sys/power/state and cat /sys/power/mem_sleep

most systems dont support S3 these days as its a legacy suspend state and there is a new S0 state used. Deep is the suspend to ram state but not S3


Also to clarify i dont know of Any modern AMD CPU that supports S3 suspend state as Microsoft mandates hybrid suspend on modern windows and S3 isnt even an option. I dont believe modern Intel CPUs even have the S3 state either

EDIT: apparently intel still does, and on some AMD systems you can try to enable it but good luck with it surviving an S3 state :sweat_smile: AMD generally uses s2idle state


This may be of some intrest to you

looks like some recent issues with S3 that looks to effect some lenovo machines

I was not aware AMD even supported S3 anymore but it seems i was wrong on that. Its still questionable if it will survive but they technically do and there seem to be some issues with at least some AMD CPUs and lenovo machines related to S3. S0ix works and there should be fixes incoming

Thanks, marking it as solution. The last shows s2idle is in use.

I have found sync_on_suspend is set to 1, but it seems to be a flag to enable single sync just before suspend.

Also wakeup_count is 454 for 9 hour sleeping. Not sure how to reduce.

At the moment sleeping consumption is about 0.5-0.6% per hour.

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