Which process/program is running this command at startup

so i am getting this /usr/bin/curl --silent --fail --connect-timeout 8 “endeavouros mirror url”

at every boot. as far as i known i have disabled updates. clearly i have missed something.

can any body help what process is sending this request as cant find anything anywhere. i have eos update notifier disabled.

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The script that runs this command is eos-connection-checker. My guess is that it’s being called by the EOS Welcome app. Does this app start at login?

you are right its the welcome app. but why?

its app-welcome@autostart.servive

this is not in list of systemctl services.

can this behaviour be stopped or this is normal?

if this is normal this is windows like behaviour.

Don’t know much about the Welcome app; I always turn it off after the initial boot after installation.

i have turned it off too. but it still happens.


Found it in XDG.

even if you disable through gui it doesnt essentially.

my memories of Windows is getting refreshed.


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It looks like an autostart entry (.desktop file). You can create a .desktop file with the same file name in ~/.config/autostart/ with content:

[Desktop Entry]

If you only deleted the file at /etc/xdg/autostart/, it will be recreated after an update of the relevant package.

It depends. What GUI?

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Can you show the full output of command

eos-connection-checker || echo fail


cat /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist

If needed, pipe the output to program eos-sendlog and show the returned URL.

I really see no ‘windows-like’ sh*it here.

Anybody can easily inspect ‘eos-connection-checker’ by

vim `which eos-connection-checker`

And it’s as simple as handy, since it just:

# Checks that an internet connection exists.
# Return value is 0 on success, or another number on failure.
# Program 'curl-exit-code-to-string' can convert the error code to a human readable message (see below).
# Example usage:
#    eos-connection-checker && echo connection is ON
#    eos-connection-checker || echo connection is OFF
#    eos-connection-checker || curl-exit-code-to-string $?

Honestly I see no ‘dark plans’ in this: and I greatly appreciate that it checks

GetFastestMirror() {
... /etc/pacman.d/endeavouros-mirrorlist
instead of calling home Google, or AWS, or Microsoft.

Peace, Piero

the connection checker just pings the repos and makes sure it has internet. If not then the welcome app doesn’t launch. Because the internet is needed to install the online versions.

Even on an installed system, it does the same. It just pings the main repos. That’s it. It doesn’t collect any user data or any other type of data. Don’t know why you’re so hellbent on disabling it.

i was talking about eos-update-notifier.

if this is disabled i don’t think there is any need for even pinging the update servers.

i have already done what you suggested.

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you can ping after user wants to. why at every boot?

does the welcome app needs to start at every boot?

i understand that and

to clarify by windows like behaviour i mean just the network activity.

no where i am insulating that user data is being collected.

because its just a bad design decision and i wanted to correct it.

if you dont need any resource don’t use it. imagine so many devices pinging the server at every boot. even if the resources used are small

me too. i don’t know how i led you to that

i understand whats happening here. thanks for your time and support