Which privacy browser?

To be honest I never heard of that one before you mentioned it right now. I slowly get the impression that there are more browsers out there than Linux distributions.

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Apparently there is because it gets flagged out of date within a very short time of each new release.

There are a lot of them out there. As far as Firefox clones you got IceWeasel, Waterfox* and so on, but most of them suffers from the same “illness” as some linux distros; they are more or less hobby projects, and often a one person show.

*Waterfox WAS good, but got bought by a company of far from great reputation.

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Apparently that is because people doing the flagging don’t get that it can’t have the same release scheduleas Chromium because, as @Mr_Ecks points out it’s a hobby project with one person (I think) making it?
It’s even a pinned statement on the AUR page urging people NOT to mark it as Out Of Date every time a Chromium update is released.


Many settings related to telemetry in Firefox can be safely disabled. Without prejudice to its proper functioning.

Not to mention you can check exactly what IS sent.

True, but I’m talking out of the box here. :slight_smile:

Most people seeking a “secure browser” are looking for a wholesale solution. Just download it, build it or what ever, without giving it a second thought.

There is simply not a “secure” browser out there, there are just more or less secure browsers.

For instance using TOR browser wont give you iron clad underwear if your hobby is buying illicit drugs from a Silk Road clone of the “Dark Web”.

I’ve been using TOR browser as a back up browser just because it strangely enough seems faster than the ordinary FireFox.

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My $.02, which may or may not be useful, since I’m far from an expert.

I think Brave is the opposite of privacy. It is, in fact, worse than stock Chromium, Firefox, Chromium Edge, or even IE. Ok, Ok, maybe not IE.

IMO, best privacy browser is either Firefox+umatrix plugin or Chromium/Vivaldi + umatrix plugin (I prefer Vivaldi to stock Chromium simply because of some of how it works I like more). Not perfect by any means, but good enough for my needs.


Strangely enough, IF somebody could get Netscape Navigator running on a modern system… now that would be a secure browser.

Useless, but secure. :innocent: :rofl: :joy:


Vivaldi is my poison too.

Descent transparency, but mostly out of just liking the feel and features of it.

Yup, I just like the way it works more than stock Chromium. And while Chromium can be made to work like Vivaldi, it just takes more effort than is worth it since Vivaldi is easy enough to install.

I am curious about that, because actual evidence seems to contradict it very much.*
(As for umatrix… that is WAY too annoying to deal with. I don’t even activate the advanced features in uBlock since 99% of sites I visit won’t work unless I unblock a lot of elements anyway. Which renders it pointless).

*Out of the box it has very efficient ad blocking (I have been running it for quite some time now and I have had zero ads, it has a better tracker blocker built in than Firefox (even on Strict mode; I just got told on r/firefox that “Firefox don’t block ad trackers because it’s unethical”), it blocks webRTC by default (no extension needed) and blocks non-HTTPS sits automatically. And so on.

I have tried Vivaldi a number of times and it never clicked for me. Part of it is that it actually doesn’t offer me anything I need. Seriously, it has 10.000 features and I don’t use any of them. Plus it has a very annoying UI for being 2020 that doesn’t click at all with me.

I mostly use Firefox, secondly Chrome, Vivaldi Snapshot, Opera Developer. UBlock Origin is a must. I set the privacy level to strong. Nowadays, it’s getting more and more annoying that more and more websites are asking me to turn off the ad blocker for smooth reading.

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Vivaldi Snapshoot is what works for me right now, when it comes to using Netflix, ViaPlay and so on. The ordinary Vivaldi -ffmpg + widevine combo just stopped working.

…and U-Block Origin is a must.

Thanks for trying to help out, but followed that to the point, without getting it right. :slight_smile:

Snapshot does the trick right now.

95% of the proprietary stuff works fine for me, but there are a COUPLE sites where I admit the release version of Vivaldi does fail. IT’s not common, and it doesn’t make any sense because sometimes restarting Vivaldi and it works. Other times it just refuses to work. But it’s rare enough that I keep using the release version because I got tired of the unstable versions when they were testing the PIP stuff (I HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE that feature).

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What about Privacy Badger instead of Decentraleyes?


Does anyone use the Pale Moon Browser?

ungoogled-chromium is very good.