Which privacy browser?

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Hi guys!

First of all i would like to say “Thankyou!” to all the enthusiast involved in this project! fantastic!
I read some posts on this thread and actually i am using this setup:

  • Mullvad Browser and Firefox (Ublock Origin, Skip Redirect, I still don’t care about cookies, BitWarden, Firefox multi containers)
    *Using my browsers under Firejail has real benefits? or better run them under VirtualBox?

  • Mullvad Vpn (local net sharing off, DNS filters active, IPV6 off, kill switch and lockdown mode on, wireguard tunneling, obfuscation on, quantum tunnel on, multi hop off)

  • actually i am using BitWarden as psw manager, but i see that the concept behind KeepassXC is much safer (but will be a nightmare login somewhere with my iphone :/)

actually i am using Mega cloud for my “normal” files but i am interested to switch to Tresorit and store some more sensitive data.
if i create my home NAS could be more safe than both Providers?

What do you think? i am on the right way or i am moving wrong?

Thanks a lot!

Welcome to the forum. I hope you enjoy your time here.

The possibility is there, it’s just how you set it up.
If you are interested in a bare bones EnOS x86_64 install to base a headless server on


I would suggest hardening Firefox. Here’s an interesting video that gives you three alternatives to beef up security in Firefox.

Personally, I use the Betterfox option

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Ungoogled Chromium has some hope; it claims to remove all of the “phone home to Google” stuff; it typically gets it’s updates within a few days of updates to the Chromium browser on which it’s based.

Some people also prefer LibreWolf, which is based on Firefox with many “Firefox” settings altered; for those who don’t trust Mozilla or Google, these might be useful options; investigate if you are curious.

Another forum has links to both of the browsers I mentioned -

This group at privacytests.org runs a battery of privacy tests against current browsers and posts results about every month or so. This may help someone reduce their potential browser set by a few.


So according to these tests, only three browsers offer decent privacy out of the box: Brave, LibreWolf, and Mullvad.

I have some trust issues with Brave, so my choice is LibreWolf.

I collected some data on this a while back and hardened Firefox was the most private browser you can get. You have to fine tune a lot of stuff with it.

I use LibreWolf as it provides good privacy defaults for me and the team behind it is passionate about privacy.

Great work, but it’s a test with default settings, helpful for people who don’t touch the configuration at all. If you’re able to tweak more or less the config and add some useful addons, the difference between Brave and Librewolf Vs others may not be that big.

I don’t know how Brave is reliable, remember the affiliate links and Librewolf is a well configured Firefox+uBlock Origin+Duckduckgo & Searx as default search engine.
The Normandy and telemetry components are removed during the compilation when in Firefox, you have to switch the settings to “false”, Librewolf is safer, because you never know what Firefox will do with the settings.

It has been mentioned in this thread, you can find some “ready to use” configurations for Firefox such as arkenfox or Betterfox.

Thanks for a good tip. I tried it and everything seems better than ever!

been using librewolf, i like it

This is my conclusion as well. Especially if you consider the timeliness of patches.

All the test sites out there are testing out of the box settings. Certainly, there is an audience this makes sense for. However, for me, it is more about how private can I get it for my needs.

One thing that chart shows that I agree with is that Ungoogled-chromium is not really a privacy browser.

It removes the sending of data back to google but doesn’t otherwise provide any privacy protections. Further, since the chrome web store integration is blocked, it makes installing and updating extensions cumbersome.

A little surprised how Vivaldi does on tracker blocking, particularly as it advertises itself as blocking trackers by default. Just goes to show that you can claim whatever you want.

I use this extension with ungoogled-chromium which make it easy to install and update extensions from Chrome Web Store: