Which packages will be installed when selecting KDE desktop?

My question is pretty simple, I wanna have the same experience as EndeavourOS KDE but on Arch Linux, so i’m looking for the packages that will be installed when selecting KDE plasma during the installation process.

  1. Install Arch (the Arch way)

  2. Install the plasma package group (xorg-server will be pulled as a dependency)

  3. ???

  4. Profit

This is all you need to do (really, only steps 1 and 2 :wink: ), it will be the same on Arch as it is on EndeavourOS.

For more info, see:


I’m looking for packages names

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Not sure what you are trying to accomplish here.

Where are you looking?




Just run

pacman -Ssq plasma

These are all the packages in the group plasma.

Of course, to install them, just run

sudo pacman -S plasma

No need to install each one separately.

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They are here:

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Finally, someone understood what I’ve been lookin for !


Just be careful if you decide to pick and choose plasma packages. Plasma packages usually have a ton of dependencies and removal may affect other packages resulting in system breakage.


Isn’t pacman smart enough to handle that :thinking:
In my case it is , I used to switch between Plasma and XFCE a lot .

Switched to Plasma yesterday and switched back today

Learned that the hard way yesterday. I just wanted to get rid of icon browser and cuttlefish and hopefully Qt development stuff :laughing:

I patted myself on the back for taking a snapshot beforehand with timeshift.

I will try to convert ext4 to btrfs for snapshotting and accessing snapshots from grub, when i buff-up my linux-fu further.

Thanks for the info. I was also looking for a way to remove those but I guess we are stuck with them clogging up our start menu.

You can remove cuttlefish, I had no breaks due dependency (yet).

For Icon browser, i’ve just checked 10 minutes ago actually and no luck. Because it’s a dependency for endeavour os team custom programs like akm(kernel manager) and welcome app, etc.

Edit: Tried hiding it on KDE launcher, I’m sure there was an option like that, but couldn’t find it.

Edit-2: There’s an option to delete the menu entry. Right click launcher, edit applications, select Icon Browser and right click->delete. I don’t wanna delete it though.

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Sorry for the late reply, found the thread only now:: if you remove an entry in the start menu of Plasma, it is only hidden there, but the respective program remains installed. The whole thing is just to organize the menu items. You can also reset it later if needed: > Edit > Restore System Preferences.