Which of the current EOS downloadable wallpapers do you like the most?

Hi. I’m curious which of all the EOS wallpapers that are available for download do you like the most? Here are my top three

Depends on the rest of the ricing. I like all three. If I could only choose one, then I would go for the first one.

I wouldn’t say I have a favorite, I tend to either like or not like a wallpaper and will switch them up about once to twice a week and make my theme match it (I use a mix between EOS wallpapers and others grabbed from random websites and some I have made or edited myself to make it work with what I what aestheticly)

I like the one you have as #3. Usually I like blue more than red, but IMO that just looks GOOD in red. Much better than all the blue-themed ones.
Red Artimis release as my #2.

The red themed ones are the ARM logos, I quite like them myself but have grown to fall in love with the purple in the past few years

None of them are green.

Easily fixable though with minimumal editing

i like the first one. But do linux users see their desktop? i have found since moving to eos i never see the desktop (i am using xfce)