Which Kernel?

This is simple. You copied the comand from pebkac and the quotes are wrong.

This should work

pacman -Ss linux | grep "kernel and modules"


So that was it! Thanks @manfredlotz for your attention!

Who can forget the grub thing. After rebuilding from scratch, I was determined to get rid of grub. Now the devs have put safeguards to prevent a future reocurrence.

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I use linux-xanmod, you can choose the architecture for gcc optimization (editing the PKGBUILD).
Mine is Ivy Bridge :

 uname -r

My thoughts about linux-zen:

This kernel is optimized for better interactivity. This basically means that it favors foreground processes and that it penalizes background processes. I found this not optimal on my regular PC. I have background processes running (plex, docker, vmware, etc.) which I do not want to be penalized.

The linux-zen kernel might be an option for slow laptops where CPU load is higher and you want to give more CPU power to your foreground processes. But then you need to keep in mind that it has a higher energy consumption and battery live will be shorter.

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i use my computers purely for art making purposes so being optimized for interactivity fits my needs, which is why i have lqx and zen installed. i’m not running a bunch of stuff in the background; no VMs or docker or anything like that on my machines.

as for battery/power. that’s a non issue, when i do use my laptop it’s going to only be on for a couple hours at most. my primary machine is a desktop so again power/battery doesn’t matter for that either.

I used to only use the lts, but my newest computer isn’t supported by it yet, and my other computer has Fedora on it and they only ship latest. . . So I guess I actually don’t use the lts at all right now for the first time in a very long time.

At the moment I’m still using quite old hardware. But it is planned to change that at least in the next year. Nevertheless, since the beginning of my Linux time (a little over 6 years ago) I always use the mainline kernel and the LTS kernel as a fallback. I will not change that anymore.


I remember my first build of :enos: was on the zen kernel and it was more responsive on foreground processes. That’s the one I am going back to.

I run 5.15 LTS on both laptops and 4.14 on my main machine.

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