Which kernel patches are included in Arch?

The kernel would have been better without them. At least in the long run.

Yes, you won’t open my eyes more wide shut…As many other not so nice actors, as long as it’s free & open-source - it’s fine.

But that doesn’t mean that you should in any way connect your infrastructure and future with that garbage, who historically and actively were destroying you. And i’m absolutely sure it will in future, because M$ now owns almost all public open-source code platforms (GitHub / npm etc).

It is strategically horrible mistake, just shooting at your own foot.

Actually the size argument against self-hosting it, I don’t really understand.

It’s 5 GB on disk.

Only the Linux Kernel, yes.

But maybe they count the whole other data to it? And traffic maybe too. Dunno.

Maybe you need to change to a distro that doesn’t use Github then if its that big of a problem :rofl:

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What would that be?

Traffic could be an argument, although I doubt that a lot of users use that PKGBUILD and self-compile it.

Dont know. Maybe this all? https://github.com/orgs/archlinux/repositories?page=1&type=all

And maybe something what is behind the scenes? Dunno. Im not a Arch developer :slight_smile:

Well…If you mean :enos: than that’s not big problem, because i build my iso with their scripts anyway…for a reason.
Although my first post on that forum i think was exactly about that :laughing:

And Arch is a much more complicated issue, that’s insane.


Those are other repositories (mainly just mirrored from their self-hosted gitlab). They don’t have anything to do with the kernel itself though.


That’s better. :relieved:

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You guys should relax :sweat_smile:

Simply start using LFS. All Problems solved :crazy_face:

This thread went off-topic pretty quickly. Amazing.

But you @moson gave the answer I was looking for. Thank you.


@moson :
Is there a similar patch list for the linux-lts kernel as well? I can not find that.

Atm, the lts one takes sources directly from kernel.org

For that one you’ll see included patches in the PKGBUILD itself:

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