Which GUI package manager should I install?

I wanna move away from pamac since it doesn’t support the AUR (for example I have some installed AURs from there that don’t show up when using yay) and it doesn’t refresh the mirrorlists. Any suggestions?




I love it, but is it really a GUI? For my I love that simplistic approach.

pacseek looks ok, but I’d like an actual GUI :stuck_out_tongue:

There are only 3 GUI options that provide a full experience. pamac, octopi and bauh.

They are all very different. Since you have ruled one out, I would just try the other two and see which you prefer.

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does bauh use the same way with pamac for aurs?

I use firefox. Just search the packages and AUR there, then install with pacman or yay :slight_smile:

And then for actual package management see here:


I used pamac on manjaro, but because there was always stuff that didn’t work, I must switch to the terminal.

I tried octopi and bauh but non of them satisfied my needs.

Now on endeavourOS I start loving yay, it is a powerfull tool, but 100% terminal and than I found here in the forum pacseek. Pacseek is an simple terminal interface for yay, that make the navigation a lot easier.

short: give yay/pacseek an chance :wink:

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No? I am not sure what you mean but they all have totally separate implementations.

They all support AUR though.

octopi actually uses your installed AUR helper under the covers.

None. Use pacseek as that’s all you need. :wink:


Pacseek is a GUI. It’s a text-based GUI in a console but that doesn’t make it any less a GUI. It works with mouse clicks and everything.

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It’s a TUI, not a GUI. But it just as bloated :rofl:

Didn’t even know that the acronym TUI exists, but nice, I learn everyday new things :wink:


Don’t you agree though it’s better than pamac in the sense of not using a GUI tool?

I’m sure it’s better than Pamac, but that’s not setting the bar very high :rofl:


This much?

Putting pamac aside I personally don’t see why using a TUI is different than using a GUI, philosophically speaking. I understand that there are pros/cons in general but I don’t understand the concept of using a GUI package manager is “bad” and using a TUI package manager is “not bad”.

I really don’t think the toolkit used is the issue. For example, it would be fairly easy to make a TUI front-end for pamac. Would that change how people felt about it? Personally, I don’t think the issues with pamac have anything to do with the fact that it is a gtk application.


I’m just trying to get a rise out of the :frog:

It doesn’t matter if it is a gui or tui, I only find pacseek a nice tool in addition to yay.


And the developer is one of our community members !!!

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