Which file manager can add a symbol to a folder

Sunday morning question :rofl: whilst my caffeine levels are adjusted.

I have a folder full of ebooks, I remember a “feature” of one of the file managers where you could add a “symbol” (emoji?) to the folder. I would like to flag each book’s folder as I read them.

Which file manger can do this? Have tried:

  • Dolphin - has tags cannot seem to get them to work
  • Nautilus - This is the one I thought could do it
  • Thunar - No
  • Caja - No.
  • Nemo - No.

Does this feature still exist?

Do you mean emblems? with thunar all you have to do is right click folder, choose properties and then click on the emblems tab. As far as the others good luck

Cheers, that is what I meant! Emblems.

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