Where to select Wayland in Calamares-Installer (instead of defaulted X11)?

In Calamares it would be great seeing an option to install Wayland instead of the defaulted X11. Is there a choice option available where I can select the desired display driver?

Sure, Wayland seems to be not perfected in KDE-Plasma yet, but I think this is just a question of time.

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I don’t believe that you can select it in the installer, but you can easily install/configure it after the fact.

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Package option in Calamares is the most requested feature we are receiving.
For now, I can only answer vaguely, it will be an option in the future.

As you know, we are a young distro that still is evolving and it is our goal to bring the distro closer to maturity each new release.
We are still figuring out how to master Calamares and implement features like these. The other challenge is that we are the only distro that uses the net-install function in Calamares in this capacity, all the other distros use the offline option with a combined online feature to update their pre-installed packages on the ISO.
So, from both sides, this project is treading new grounds, therefore I can’t tell you an exact time period this will be available.


This is totally possible but yea we need to create ui into calamares for this or we could implement that option with a package, so we can implement this into DE selection ui on calmares…
Or we could have this as an button on the welcome-app …

I think it is a good idea if wayland will cause issues and a lot users do not know about the difference + it is also hardware related, as if you running nvidia-gpu on nvidia-propritary driver it will automaticly defaults to X11 e.t.c.

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hello ,do not put the cart before the horse


Unless you want to go backwards :wink:


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Do you mean plasma and gnome will use x11 by default?
If you choose any of them both x11 and wayland are installed (for gnome and plasma only), but using one or other “interface” may be a config coming from DE itself.
Please also take a look if you have multiples options when DM, login manager, pops up giving you the option to get into X11 or wayland (i know gnome does).


Thank you very much for all your kind answers! :smiley: I will post a further question to specify which packages are necessary for a minimalistic KDE-Plasma when using the online-installer.

Yeah? Which packages are necessary for that? Don’t I create a lot of orphaned packages and config files with this approach?

I thought so, yes. Maybe I was wrong and both are installed by default. :sweat_smile:

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There is a meta package: plasma-wayland-session

I am not a wayland expert but I thought you still needed to keep most of X11 around for sddm and xwayland support.

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