Where to get older EOS releases?


well, I’ve been having issues with the latest release (2020.09.20), so I wanted to install the September’s release, but silly me, I can’t find an archive of those ISOs,

So, anyone who knows where to find it will be appreciated.


Installing it, or after an update?

Once you install and update the release number doesn’t make any difference - it’s a rolling release.

Yeah, I know it’s rolling all right xD, but I feel like something brakes at install (my wifi, I made a post about it); but September release installed fine, so I thought of using that one, but silly me, I did not keep it in my HD, I always keep the previous one, just in case, but this time I didn’t.

So that was my ‘plan’ xD,


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You can find ISO files also on our other Mirrors:




You should solve your issue with Atheros QCA9377 (ath10k firmware <> kernel version) and not try older EndeavourOS or other Linux distributions.

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Thank you for the links, I will try to solve the issue, I just like keeping a few ISOs at hand,


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