Where to find a job on Linux?

So I have been searching for a way to get back to Europe, particularly Denmark/Danmark ( ancestry comes from there and it felt more like home than home feels ), and I wonder what job boards you all use for such things.
I just came across Eures which is good.
Any others I should know about?
Are there any specifically for foreigners to get help moving (dealing with residency Visas etc)?
Are there companies that should be avoided?

Better to get immigration advice from below.

You should book a telephone appointment to speak to someone from their immigrant on residency and work visa requirements. i.e. if you have family ties or origins there it reinforces your case further.

In regards to job hunting. Each country has different top job websites. I’d google “Denmark top job websites” build your profile and upload CV to top 5 as a start. But again you should contact their immigration for telephone conversation first.

In UK for example I’ve never found a job by applying directly, it was always recruitment agents. I would setup my profile, preferences and CV then re-upload CV at midnight every day.

A recruitment agent told me in the morning they always look at “Last updated” CVs on database hence midnight would mean same day :wink: so you’re higher up in their list than someone who last updated their CV long ago.


That’s a great hint!

I was just listening to someone from Red Hat talk on a podcast - their suggstion - go to their bug reports and fix a problem for them. They’ll notice good work and find you.


Hmm… I might have been fixing problems for the wrong people… :thinking:


Maybe you’re not using the Shit key properly?

Edit: in joke…see the other thread…Shift+F4 no terminal - #11 by vmclark


Always go where the money is. RHEL has loot.

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