Where to add GRUB Modules?

Hey everyone,

I’ve lately installed EndeavourOS and now wanted to boot it in Secure Boot mode.
This is so that I can play games on Windows that require Secure Boot to be enabled (e.g.: Valorant).

I’ve followed the guide on the Arch Linux Wiki using Shim, however I do have this issue where I am not able to boot into GRUB, because according to the wiki I have to add certain modules to the GRUB boot loader for it to load in Secure Boot mode.

Does anyone have an idea where I should add those modules for it to work?

You need to either build a custom EFI image that contains them using grub-mkimage or pass the modules to grub-install.

The wiki article you linked has the specific commands.

You also need to make sure your kernel and and any kernel modules you need are signed.

Oh, alright! I think that will get me somewhere.
I’ll check out that command and see if it works later, thanks for your help!

Okay I have seen multiple attempts at that. How would I define a environmental variable for my grub modules? Or is there another way of defining them like:

grub-install --modules=“all_video boot btrfs cat”

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