Where is the cinnamon classic panel?

Where is cinnamon classic panel?

I can’t seem to find it to change it back into classic mode?

You have to do it “manually”; I don’t remember what the elements for the panel are called in Cinnamon but basically you have to edit panel preferences to remove the “modern” launchers and add the traditional launchers and app switcher.

Tried it manually, doesn’t work. They have removed the function itself, seems that only Mint has the ability to switch to classic menu.

No no, I am not talking about the menu option, I am talking about actually adding / removing elements of the panel manually.

Yes, I know what you mean.

The traditional window list doesn’t even appear after removing the grouping applet. When I minimize a window it goes into thin air. The only way to know that apps are running in the background is to alt+tab or use the “show all windows” function.

I think something is missing in the arch repos.

Have you seen this?



You have to add the applet you need, not just remove the old one.
The ones you are looking for is called Window List and Panel Launchers(the “Modern” one is called “WIndow List With Groupings”) if I remember correctly.

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I figured it out, kinda.

I have to keep the grouping applet but at the same time go to its settings and turn off “group windows by application” and remove the pinned apps. Then I can have the old style windows list but its not a horizontal taskbar view as before with the name but rather an icon. Still better than nothing.

Edit: I was able to get the old panel button label by changing it to “application name” under the grouped window list settings in the panel settings.

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