Where is the boot.log?

Might be a silly question but i’m used to /var/log/boot.log. Though when i look for it on endouveros i don’t find such a file. Any clue where it is?

You can use the command journalctl to access the logs that were generated during the boot process.

If you want to only see logs since your most recent boot, run journalctl -b

ty though that shows a lot more information than i was seeking :smiley: is there a way to “filter” it for the messages i saw during booting?

The logs don’t show the exact same thing you see during booting.

What are you looking for, specifically.

I saw something that seemed like an Issue with one of my USB Ports. I wanted to get the exact message though i now was able with your command as well… I just used | grep usb.

Ty :slight_smile:

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