Where is Gnome 44?

Hi, this is my first experience with endeavour os and its really nice!

But i have a simple question, where is gnome 44? (:

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I wouldn’t recommend installing from gnome-unstable repo.

This repository contains testing packages for the next stable or stable release candidate version of the GNOME desktop environment, before they are moved to the main testing repository.


I upgraded one of my system with this repo enabled and ended up with a broken system. I had to downgrade everything from TTY and thankfully I got back my graphic session.

Arch doesn’t seem to be that bleeding edge when it comes to GNOME releases. It waits until XX.1 is out.

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welcome to Endeavouros .

hope you enjoy your time here .

2 simple answer for 1 simple question, “where is gnome 44? (:”

Hope that be answer you look for :innocent:


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Thanks guys, i’ve been in many gnu/linux comunity’s before, this is the nicest one! you guys are amazing!

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Glad i found this post, i was wondering as well. :+1:t3:

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:four: :four:

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Yes, 2044 should be when it arrives :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Ha Ha …ha.

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Should be no bugs by then.


44.1 is great on Fedora.


If I’m Being honest, I prefer that it takes some time to get updated. It’s not so long of a wait and is useful for the extensions to update


Gnome 44 on Ubuntu 23.04 since April :sob:

Yeah, it’s better that it takes time, so that extensions get time to update… eventually… It’s more stable that way, right? Kinda like Debian… We wouldn’t want to rush into things… Good things are worth the wait… Slow and steady wins the race… :turtle:

:wink: :+1:

Alternatively... 🐸

…if you want fresher software on Arch, you could use KDE Plasma… Just sayin’ :rofl:



True, I think I will switch to KDE.


Maybe not :rofl:

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Debian stable is still in 3.38.6.

They haven’t gotten to 40 still lol although the next release is in June and then debian is a worthy distro for me. 40+ is awesome.

Fedora Rawhide FTW! :wink:


Yes, sure, and get to install every single git-kernel, every single day… :wink:

Lonesome callers from the wilderness


If you want to walk the walk and not only talk the talk :wink: :sweat_smile: