Where does Pamac get the screenshot and description?

Command line pacman is not good for me most of the time. But damn, pamac (“Add/Remove Software”) sucks. Nowadays it constantly gets frozen and crash. I am thinking about creating my own GUI (a simple one for my own needs for now) but where does pamac gets the screenshots of the package? Is it from Arch’s repository itself? Or is it from pamac’s own database/server?

For example, if I select Inkscape in pamac, it shows its screenshots. I cannot get it from pacman. I cannot find anything about screenshot in pacman’s manual.


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Not using pamac, but I guess that the info is in pamac’s database.
You can try to look where the database (or any related file) is with command

pacman -Fl "name-of-the-package"

and if not done before, you must do

sudo pacman -Fy


Note that pacman has package descriptions. Not sure how pamac gets them.

It might be this:


and for Pamac:




Yeah, the following command’s output seem to contain all the data that I see in pamac’s screen.

appstreamcli dump org.inkscape.Inkscape
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