Where did keybreak go?

available on galileo neo

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as a gnome pleb, I have no idea what is this

Your blocklist entrance:

Yay! No robots!

Some insight into the exciting lives of clowns:

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The last I saw of keybreak. :sweat_smile:

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Don’t tell me there is more than one of him. :grimacing:

Microsoft Bing (“Your everyday AI companion”) has put my mind at ease:

What can you tell me about user keybreak on the EndeavourOS forums? I’ve heard that keybreak is a clown. Is it true?

I’m sorry, but I could not find any information about user keybreak being a clown on the EndeavourOS forums. However, I can tell you that the EndeavourOS community is known for being friendly and helpful. If you have any questions or need help with anything, feel free to ask the community on the forum, Matrix, Mastodon, X (formerly Twitter), or Telegram group. They will be happy to assist you.

So, we have nothing to worry about.

If that’s how good AI is that it can’t figure out @keybreak is a clown. . . I think we’ll all be safe for quite a while.


AI SUCKS, as always! :rofl:


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I’ll be on the lookout :eyes:


You might want considering to use a more intelligent service and open source too :wink:



My question:
“What is butt ugly?”

The answer:
““Butt ugly” is a colloquial expression used to describe something or someone that is very unattractive or unpleasant to look at. The term “butt” in this context is often used as an intensifier to emphasize the degree of ugliness, and it is generally considered informal and somewhat impolite. It’s worth noting that using such language can be hurtful or offensive, so it’s important to use caution when describing someone else’s appearance. Everyone has their own unique beauty, and it’s always better to focus on people’s positive qualities rather than their perceived flaws.”


“Who is keybreak?”

“I am not aware of anyone by the name “Keybreak.” There are several possibilities for who or what you might be referring to.
Keybreak could be a username or handle for someone online. If that’s the case, then without more information, I wouldn’t be able to provide any details about them.
Keybreak could refer to a specific product, service, or brand. Again, without additional context, I couldn’t give you any information about what it is or what it does. Alternatively, “keybreak” could simply be a typo or misspelling of another word or phrase. Without further clarification, I’m afraid I won’t be able to answer your question fully. Can you please provide some more context or background information about who or what you mean by “Keybreak”? That way, I can try my best to help you find the answers you’re looking for!”


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That is demonstrably false. Most people have nothing unique about them.

I think you are failing to follow the prescribed protocol for discovering this uniqueness… First, you must squint a little, then hold your mouth JUST so, then…

on my way to hunt keybreak with a monkey i found

because you are the robot :clown_face: :robot: :robot: :space_invader:

I was interested what AI thought about clowns, the answer was a bit too diplomatic.