Where can I get me some more of them tasty wallpapers?

I’ve been through most of these in the last year. only fond of the purple ones (note to endeavour aesthetician: this distro and purple was a brilliant decision; I rarely see perfect matches. I mean Suse green would NOT work in a million years here.)

I digress.


  1. is usr/share the only place on /root with Endeavour backgrounds?

  2. Does Endeavour repo have more Endeavour backgrounds post-file date of 9/23 [see pic]?

  3. Between Endeavour Community or Endeavour Official, have Endeavour wallpapers been updated since 9/23? Can you point out a place I can accumulate more?

thanks for any tips

***tagged ‘Repo’ because it seemed the most likely place to start.

edit: since every picture inside the 9/23 folder is also dated 9/23 (likely install date) then I can assume these folders are always updated? I need to stop asking questions

One new one here and if you feel like digging through my github there are a few in there that you might like