Where can I find old release ISOs?

Hi, I could not find: wanted to download old version, but where are they?
Only new available? Or…?
Thank you.

For example here: https://mirror.alpix.eu/endeavouros/iso


Just bare in mind, unless you end up installing the offline varient you will end up with a fully up to date system regardless. Is there some specific reason you would like an “old” iso?


recently bought ASUS B1501.
Wanted to have MATE (Manjaro, EndOS).
Tried that and Fedora also with XFCE.
Always error: lid closed/opened - the system hangs.
Suspend/Hibernice also does not work when clicking with mouse.
ASUS was sent back.
P1511CEA was favored by the company.
With P1511CEA is OK when using XFCE Manjaro with kernel 5.10.84-1.
With MATE again faulty (??), With EndOS MATE, last version
is even worse - WLAN gone in 2-3 seconds during installation.
One can restore, gone in 3 sec, again.
Then got message from company.
Text below.
Text below.
We found out in the meantime what the problem was with the ASUS B1501.
Kernel 5.15 has a bug with suspend/wakeup related to Intel 11th gen.
However, 5.10-14 has a bug in the e1000 driver (Intel Ethernet adapter),
which leads to a system shutdown on this device.
Therefore you had understandably problems to install a current Linux version,
since 5.13 can suspend, but has other bugs.
So it was not the hardware, but the currently
poorly programmed Linux kernel, which has more bugs than we can count.
However, the Asus P1511CEA should work reasonably with kernel 5.13."
This is the problem.

An old iso will not give you the 5.13. You will only be able to install via online and you will end up with the latest 5.15 and possibly the lts kernel.

There is no way that I know of for you to install EOS with the 5.13, and if there was you would never be able to update it or install any packages as they will likely need packages newer.

Good luck.

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There is an outside chance that an old version can be found another way - @jonathon has (I think) a repo with several older kernels on it, though probably only earlier -lts versions. Perhaps if he passes by he might enlighten us! Of course, 5.16 might fix it too, with a small amount of patience…

While lots of other ‘fixes’ come to mind, no practical ones do! :grin:

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An old ISO isn’t going to help you with this. However, you can install kernel 5.4 as it is an LTS kernel.


5.10 is available in the repos as linux-lts - you can install that using an Ethernet cable.

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Here’s some info about the LTS kernels: https://www.kernel.org/category/releases.html

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