Where can I download arc-dark icons?

I wanna use arc-dark (it’s preinstalled on EndeavourOS) icons in second OS but I can’t find where I can download original icons zip file. Anyone have link?

yay -S arc-gtk-theme-eos

or pacman ( choice your ) :wink:

if use endeavouros . :innocent:

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its just theme without icons

yay -S arc-x-icons-theme

or pacman if on Endeavouros .


Are you looking for these? ark icons complete

Welcome to the EndeavourOS purple neighborhood! :enos_flag:

I think it would also be useful if you inform over here what the other OS is? Is it Arch-based, Ubuntu, Debian, Windows or Macos? :wink:

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We do use a patched version of arc-gtk-theme because the original have gray text.
Icons are arc-x-icon-theme

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Look for arc-x-icons-theme in /var/cache/pacman/pkg. Copy it to your other system.

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