Where are Vivaldi profiles specifically saved?

Anyone know where the Vivaldi user profiles are saved?

I changed my sync account and the synced tabs from my previous account are still being picked up. I looked into it, and apparently it’s because of the previous profile still being saved on the system somewhere. Anyone know specifically which folder that might be?

Have you looked under ~/.config?

See if you have a vivaldi folder in there. If so inside that folder, there should be a folder for your default profile and others if you have several profiles.

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Open vivaldi, type in address line “vivaldi://about/”

Lovely. The problem I have is I don’t know how to only delete the previous profiles’ data.

It’s not immediately obvious in the form of a folder name on what belongs to my previous profile.

Any idea?

Close vivaldi

mv ~/.config/vivaldi/ ~/.config/vivaldi-old

Vivaldi should now start fresh on next launch.

I don’t want to lose all my settings and customization.

I just want the duplicate devices from the previous profile in the synced tabs to disappear.

o~/.config/vivaldi/System\ Profile/SyncedFiles/ ???


Obviously your user…

Is this it?

Potentially, close browser, rename folder, start browser. If wrong, reverse.