Where are the Mate Terminal profile settings saved?

I changed the colors used in the default profile for Mate Terminal. I would like to use the same colors (and other settings) on my laptop. I thought to copy the profile settings file, but I cannot find where the profile settings are saved.

Where do I find those settings? Eventually, is there a way to export the profile settings?

Look at all the .bash -files on your $HOME.
There is a .bashrc containing your shell-settings for bash.

If you’re using Ubuntu, or LX-Mint, please regard their forums as the proper place to ask such a question.

Thank you.

I wasn’t even aware, there is a Mate-DE being supported and served in EnOS, so excuse my being (somewhat) snappy, please!

Also, see:


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Try the following:

dconf dump /org/mate/terminal/ > mate-terminal-profile.bckp

This should create a file called mate-terminal-profile.bckp with your terminal settings under the home directory.

Restore later with:

dconf load /org/mate/terminal/ < mate-terminal-profile.bckp

Hope this works out :crossed_fingers:t5:


It worked! After I re-opened the terminal, the colors have been changed.

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