Where are stored executable icons

Hello everyone,
I have installed endeavour in august and i’m still on it without having many troubles thanks for the help of the community.

yet i’m having a problem that i don’t know how to solve.

i basically have a game on steam that doesn’t have any icon when launched.

The .desktop shows the icon properly and i also tried to modify directly the icon on the executable but when the game is launched it uses default app icon.

I have the same problem on bottles games.

Is there any way to modify the icon of an executable when launched?

thanks a lot for your help !

Icons for your system are normally found in two places


As far as steam I have no clue since I don’t game and have never used it. I’m not sure if steam stores icons locally or not.

The icon definition is inside the Desktop file.
You can copy the default Desktop file into users path under ~/.local/share/applications/ and modify icon by replacing the icon name with full path to the icon…

indeed the .desktop file defines the icon inside gnome menu but seems to not define icon when launched :

Capture d’écran du 2023-11-01 13-56-44

See these screenshots